Coffee Workshops

Outside our normal openeing hours we offer workshops in a variety of areas. Please see the individual sections below for more detail.

Coffee Workshop: 2 Hours


This workshop starts with a brief history of coffee from Ethiopia to Yemen to the coffee houses of Europe before taking a journey from the cherry to the roasted bean. We move on to a cupping session to taste coffees from different regions side by side. The main part of the workshop is looking at equipment and learning the techniques to get the very best from your coffee beans. This workshop can focus on espresso coffee with practice on the commercial espresso machine or non-espresso such as filter or Aeropress. When enquiring let us know which you particularly would like to focus on.

This workshop is for those who would like to be introduced to the world of coffee and learn tips to get the best from brewing at home.


Price: £60 each when three or four attend the workshop. You will receive a 250g bag of beans


Brew Bar Workshop: 1 Hour


This workshop focuses on the principles that allow the intricate individual flavours of coffee beans to be explored. Think of wine, with different grapes from different regions possessing very different flavours. Filter coffee has been abused for years not allowing people to really understand what great coffees can taste like. Learn the process involved and how to control the variables to get a wonderful cup of coffee. We cover the Aeropress, V60 and end with a Siphon for fun!


Price: £30 each when three or four attend the workshop. You will receive a 250g bag of beans.


Milk Steaming and Latte Art: 1 Hour


Learn the chemistry of milk so you can steam to a texture that allows you to pour a heart or Rosetta. This is lots of fun and not as easy as it looks!


Price: £35 each when two or three attend the workshop.




Payment by bank transfer, card (no fee applies) or cash prior to the event. Details will be given upon request.


Contact details: 020 7720 5140 during opening hours which are Monday to Friday 07.00-14.30hrs and Saturday 09.00-16.00hrs or by email:


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